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GPs and Referrers
GPs can refer to me via a Mental Health Treatment or Care Plan.
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Seniors and disability
I work from a Positive Ageing framework and have experience in the disability sector.
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New mums and carers
I have specialist knowledge about the experience of contemporary motherhood.
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Welcome to my site

Felicity Chapman
BSW (Hons), MAASW (Acc.), Assoc. Dip. Counselling.  Accredited Mental Health Social Worker.

Hi. I am a Medicare Registered Counsellor with a mobile home visiting service in Adelaide.
I specialize in supporting seniors and new mums adjust to changes related to lifestyle, independence, control, and identity.


Leaving the house can be a challenge when you are elderly or have a new baby to care for.  That's why I offer an in-home counselling service.  I go to you.  I bulk bill seniors over 75years of age and provide a very reasonable rate for other clientele.  I am committed to providing an accessible and affordable service for people wanting to improve their psychological health and overall wellbeing.  Find me in the Social Worker Directory.


Felicity Chapman
Po Box 43
MARDEN,  SA 5070

fax: (08) 7200 3268

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